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:: atelierbleu is one of the music projekts of heart2beat. the two man band preformed their audio and video program at the OFF festival in barcalona. you canl isten to the songs try and chill drain ::

:: heart2beat also work closely together with other artists. one example are the housetracks sung by senith, which made it into the charts of the radioshow called nezzparade on das ding. both songs can be heard in our :: heart2beat produzieren auch tracks in zusammenarbeit mit anderen künstlern. so entstanden mit dem sänger senith housetracks, welche in der unser ding housemix (2.8 mb - 6 min) ::

:: our own dj hausente was able tomakeit all the way to number 4 in the nezzparade with his joytoy ::

:: video ::

:: in 2003 the video atelierbleu - try was made on a single day! (7.4 mb - quicktime movie) ::

:: we hope to be able to bring you more videos and songs soon, so please come back ::

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